Personal data being proccessed 

Using our services, Industrietechniek Cuijpers kan process your personal data when you use Industrietechniek Cuijpers' forms on the website. Industrietechniek Cuijpers kan process the following data:


  • First and last name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail Address
  • Ip Address

Why does Industrietechniek Cuijpers need this information?

Industrietechniek Cuijpers uses your personal data to reach you by telephone when you request to be contacted bt telephone or by written response (e-mail or postal mail) should you not be reachable by telephone.

Industrietechniek Cuijperscan also use your data to process in a written order between Industrietechniek Cuijpers and you. Usually used in legal services.

How long does Industrietechniek Cuijpers save your data?

Industrietechniek Cuijpers saves your data no longer then needed to realise the goals for which we use your data. Your data is no longer saved then 1 year should there be no order agreement get established.

Sharing with others

Industrietechniek Cuijpers only shared your data with other in case of necessity to compleet your order or our agreement or to comply with a legal requirement.

Mapping website visit

On Industrietechniek Cuijpers' website visitor's data will be monitored including the IP address of your computer, timestamp of your visit and data that your browser includes. This data wil be used to analyse the visitor and click behaviour on the website/ Industrietechniek Cuijpers uses this information to inprove website functionality. This information will be made anonymous as much as possible and will not be shared with others then Industrietechniek Cuijpers.

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